Rates - A donation of $10 per person for each overnight is asked for. You can give more or less based on what you can afford. Those who give more will be helping those who have less with their travels. The idea is to try to create parity among us. 

Important Notice: Reservations need to be confirmed. If  you call during the time the hostel is closed, and I don't answer, please call back after 5:30 PM


Check in time is between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Check out time is 11:00 am. The hostel 

is closed from 11:00 am til 5:30 pm. Payment is in cash. We don't accept credit cards.
The maximum stay is three days. If, after you make a reservation, you decide not to come or make changes be sure to let me know.

All guests are encouraged to participate in the maintenance and upkeep of the hostel. Those who stay are given a chore of 15 minutes that is done before leaving each morning. If you plan to leave very early, the chore can be done in the evening. The jobs include weeding the garden, washing windows, mopping the floors and scrubbing the bathtub. People's contributions to the cleanup mean more to me and to each other. In essence we are preparing and maintaining the hostel for the next person. Or you can opt out of doing a chore but add an additional $5 to you fee. ​email reservations: go2hostel@exede.net 
reserve by phone: +1 (360) 374-2270

Often there is room for those who wish special accommodations, ie families or couples. Please ask about those.
laundry, wash/dry/soap included: $2

Everyone who stays will be given a "Bernie Sanders" sticker if you want one.

For Bernie:
all streams lead
meet rising tide
see change!
by Jimmy Conomos