Obligatory Credits Page

September 8th, 2001

This site was the creation of Jim Conomos.  I met Jim when I stayed at his hostel earlier this year.  He wanted to make a website but didn't know how to go about doing it.  I offered to help.  Many hours were spent at the keyboard writing the site and editing pictures... with Jim there all the way...just right over my shoulder... should I need his advice.

My intention was to build a site that was simple enough for Jim to maintain on his own, but I expect that I will be receiving a couple of frantic emails sent at 2 in the morning requesting help of some sort... comes with the territory.  Eventually, most of the sweat on the keyboard will belong to Jim.  He tells me that he has all Winter to learn how to maintain his site... I wish him the best of luck. 

Several years back, a friend of mine helped introduce me to computers and it opened up a whole new world for me.  In return, all he asked was to help others keep from drowning when they first tested these waters.  Much Thanks to you Dave!  This was more than he intended, indeed there are a lot of people who make their living doing this sort of work, however Jim offered me a place to stay, some wonderful cooking, and an open door in the future so I can come back and PLAY!

We cannot forget that.... There seems to be too much time for work, and none for play.

Anyway, most of the pictures you find on this site were taken by Jim, though we stole liberally from the Olympic National Park site... their photos are as wonderful as the land this hostel is located within.   Hope that you enjoy the site, and are inspired to come visit the area... and Play.